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Why it’s a perfect time for small and nimble businesses to grab market share

Posted by Ben Whittacker-Cook on 23/07/2020 12:15:00 PM

Welcome to the third of a three-part blog on more effective selling from Kevin D’Ambros-Smith. Part two focused on finding your secret sauce and personalising the customer experience to increase engagement and loyalty to boost revenue. 


Now Kevin offers six insightful ideas to raise your profile and capture even more customers – and these ideas won’t dent your budget. Kevin is a business coach with The Icehouse and CEO of Motherbase Consulting Group. He is also an entrepreneur and a specialist in driving business growth and profit.

| It’s not about money 

In the old days, advertising was all about share of voice (your brand’s market share compared to your competitors) and shouting as loud as possible – usually through big, high-quality television ads with a one to two-year lifespan. Thankfully, the playing field is so much more level these days, and you don’t have to rely on a national TV campaign to get noticed. If you have an idea, get it out there and, if it fires, it fires. If it doesn’t, simply move on.  

| How Google works 

Google is so clever because it looks for rich, original content – so you can be smart about what you write and Google will love you for it. Try a short blog, even a bullet point list. Google also loves true and honest statements; ‘five tips’, ‘three ways’, ‘four things to consider’ and so on. There’s nothing stopping you this afternoon from writing about your business, and Google will find it. 

| Content, content, content 

You will go to the top of the rankings if you have the right content. This comes from understanding what people are searching for in your category. If you can do video content instead of written, then all the better. If you’re reviewing a café or your local coffee shop, for example, it’s far more valuable to do it by video rather than a written review. Blast it out there! 

| Build your audience 

Now is the perfect time to try something different; run a competition on your website, talk to your partner companies about emailing their database with an update about your business, offer free information online. Just make sure you have a gatekeeper who can collect every name and email address. ‘Eye-balls lead to revenue’, and once you’ve got an audience, then you’re in business. 

| Technology is your friend 

Thanks to marketing automation, you can buy reasonably-priced products off the shelf that will do all your engagement for you – and send the right message to the right customer at the right time. Embrace technology because it will change your life for the better. You’ll be able to use tech to create such a personalised experience for your customers that they won’t believe they’re not engaging with real people.  

| Right message, right person, right time 

This is the marketing sweet-spot. If you’ve got the right idea and you’re talking to the right person at the right time, then BOOM! The relevance is going to cut through, and you’re going to get those all-important additional customers.

For more advice on how to drive growth, visit: Motherbase Consultancy Group.

Kevin is a frequent contributor to our ongoing webinar series.

The Icehouse’s Business Coaching service helps you refine your strategy, keep you on track and achieve your business goals.

For more business ownership and leadership advice, check out more of our blogs.  


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