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Week three webinar series recordings available now

Posted by Ben Whittacker-Cook on 17/04/2020 11:00:00 AM

Our week three webinars are now ready to view. We hope you can implement the ideas and advice discussed throughout – and benefit from all the ongoing post-webinar conversations and blogs. 

Icehouse webinar series

You can catch up with weeks one and two on our dedicated webinar website and onThe Icehouse’s YouTube channel.

As you know, the webinars have been specially curated by business experts and leaders so they remain relevant with valuable advice and content for use now and in the future.

This week we have five webinars for yousafeguarding your company culture in a crisis, adapting a business to remote working, the power of ideas to attract and retain customers, the future of work post-COVID-19, and the fundamentals of preparing a cash forecast. 

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Building Culture During a Crisis with John Olsen  
John offers tips and ideas on how to make sure your carefully nurtured company culture can survive, thrive and improve in the current environment.

Adapting your business to remote working, the opportunity to thrive with Adam Harris  
Adam offers clarity on how you and your business can move forward and work effectively by understanding the challenges and opportunities within remote working.

The power of ideas (standing out in a crowd) with Kevin D'Ambros-Smith  
Kevin demonstrates the power of ideas to attract and retain customershow increasing customer loyalty leads to increased revenueand why now is the time to implement.

Navigating the here and now to get to the new future with Karna Luke 
Karna explains how to accelerate the shift into digital and how to use ecosystems to pivot your business. Find out what a business can do now to navigate the future.

The Fundamentals of a cash forecast with Jason Topp 
Jason runs through the fundamentals of preparing a forecast and how you can apply it to your business and your individual situation as we move to a ‘new normal’.

We'll be hosting further webinars next week, so stay tuned.

Recordings: The Icehouse Webinar Series Recordings 

For more business ownership and leadership advice and the latest discussion around COVID-19,check out more of our blogs. 

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