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Webinars & Resources - New and live this week - September 7th

Posted by The Icehouse on 7/09/2020 10:33:16 AM


We continue our series of free webinars and our new podcast from leading experts and valued members of The Icehouse delivery team.

Please register for one or all sessions - they are free to attend online via zoom.

Note: we recommend you download and install zoom prior to the event for the best experience -

| Small Business Owners thriving in a co-operative structure with Roz Henry

In this webinar Liz Wotherspoon will have a conversation with Roz Henry covering the following topics:

  • What is a co-operative structure and why is it different from standard company structures?
  • Why is this relevant to New Zealand’s SME community?
  • Are co-operatives more resilient in challenging times such as now? If so, why?
  • Are any start-ups co-ops?
  • How should an owner-operator of a small business equip themselves to thrive within a co-operative structure?

Time: 8th September, Tuesday, 1:00 pm

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| The Power Within - developing existing talent vs the external hire with Richard Lees

Many businesses often forget to look at the latent potential that their current team often holds.

It seems that many are all too ready to hire new rather than develop those already in the business, and have untapped or undiscovered capability. With the global movement of people and skills at a standstill, the skills crunch is going to be more evident - development rather than chasing a new hire will be more crucial than ever to the evolution of your business.

Time: 10th September, Thursday, 10:00 am

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| 5G and digital innovation in a post-COVID world with Matt Hitti (Vodafone)

The 5G rollout continues across the country, and along with it comes a new wave of digital technology that will change the way we live, work and play. Drawing on his experience leading 5G strategy and innovation for Vodafone Business customers, Matt Hitti will explain what 5G means for New Zealand, how it will help with the post-COVID recovery, and how businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the benefits it brings.

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| The Icehouse Podcast: Episode 7 - Sam Ramlu

Sam is the Co-Founder of Method NZ, a brilliant creative agency specialising in digital and new and emerging technology. She is passionate about creating experiences and stories that connect with audiences. "I see technology as a driver and enabler in making these experiences engaging, fun and immersive".

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| The application of resilience and workplace wellbeing

Applying wellbeing processes to your organisation’s daily operations can be complex and a little daunting. So we’re delighted to share this new initiative from Xero, one of our amazing partners, which will be a big help to organisations across New Zealand.

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Case Study

|Case Study: Coworking Space – Frank Accounting

Greg Byers is the founder of Frank Accounting. Frank provides core accounting, tax and consulting services, as well as strategic and financial planning for businesses across New Zealand, and the Cook Islands. The business is based within The Icehouse’s coworking space in central Auckland.

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