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Why Would You Ever Create a Startup? (The Odds Are Horrible …)

What causes a founder to start their business? What do supporters or wider members of the ecosystem say to these founders when they are starting?

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The 8th Annual New Zealand Angel Investment Showcase: Who Pitched?

On Thursday 13 September, 12 companies and 1,000 investors made their way to Spark arena for the 8th Annual NZ Angel Investment Showcase. Below is a quick summary of each of ...

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10 Things The Best Founders Do

I believe in the old adage, “If you want to be great, learn from the things that great people do.” As investors, observing 100s if not 1000s of entrepreneurs, we are at an ...

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Intellectual Property and Investment Mythology | James & Wells

Intellectual property (IP) is an important consideration for investors when considering whether to invest in a business. At James & Wells we work with many businesses seeking ...

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The Rising Tide of Capitalism

KiwiSaver is slowly and surely changing NZ, creating the most positive sustainable environment for investing in NZ I’ve ever seen. Here’s why I’m so optimistic.

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35% of Founders Are Likely to Suffer a Partnership Breakup; Here’s What We’ve Learned.

Co-founder splits are seldom discussed but happen maybe more than you think. I wanted to take the opportunity to write a bit about something we have experienced a number of ...

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MVPs – Why Developing the Bare Minimum Is the Right Strategy

The founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman once famously said “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”. If you take this ...

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Reporting on Your IP Status: A How-To Guide

Let’s set the scene: You’re the innovation manager for your company or you’re an entrepreneur. You’ve heavily invested both time and money into securing your intellectual ...

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Jack McQuire: 2017, a Year of Reading & Learning

In 2017, I challenged myself to read 25 books, and as I near the end of the year having read 33, I’ve been reflecting on how they’ve influenced the way I think and live my ...

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