Six Tips on Business Etiquette with Overseas Clients

Every Kiwi business owner understands the value of export. We’re an island nation (well, two), with a relatively small population, so it’s hard to survive and thrive on the ...

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How to Set Up Your Sales Team for Success

Leading, motivating and coaching a sales team can be hard, especially for those who haven’t worked in sales and business development roles. It’s a common barrier we hear from ...

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How Different Pricing Strategies Can Impact Your Business

Choosing to discount or raise prices is going to create a ripple effect that will impact other areas of your business. But how and to what extent?

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Of Course It’s Personal: 5 Tips for Creating Customer Loyalty

  Many businesses focus their marketing efforts on acquiring new customers. And yes, new customers are important. Ultimately, however, acquiring new customers is not as ...

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The 1-2-3s of Growing Sales

A common challenge amongst many of the business owners and managers we work with is “how do we make more sales?” We know that there is no shortage of willing advisors who mean ...

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The Importance of Sales Recruitment

Miles Valentine, founder of Sales Syndicate, talks about the importance of good recruitment  - how we can be better prepared, and what we really should know. 

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