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Time to get more efficient. Advice for Owner Managers – Updated

The Icehouse published this article in October 2019, after a new report recognised that 40% of an entrepreneur’s time is spent on non-revenue-related activities (WeWork). So ...

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What is business resilience?

You’ve probably got a good idea about your personal definition of resilience, and how much of it you have. To many, ‘resilience’ is tenacity, toughness, grit, fortitude – ...

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The importance of rest and recharging over the holidays

It’s time to take a well-earned summer break and enjoy time with those who mean the most. After a year like no other, it’s vital that owners and entrepreneurs – and their teams ...

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Are you and your business long weekend-ready?

Give your wellbeing and resilience a much-needed boost by making the most of Labour weekend. And discover why a reset and refresh is good for you and your business for the rest ...

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Greatness and authenticity

Icehouse coach Paul King provides a fascinating insight into the psychology of authenticity in our work and why we should be more relaxed about it. This article first appeared ...

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Business Coaching Expert Spotlight… Paul King

Our latest coaching profile focuses on Paul King. Paul uses his academic background in psychology and extensive experience in business to help business leaders working in ...

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The application of resilience and workplace wellbeing

Applying wellbeing processes to your organisation’s daily operations can be complex and a little daunting. So we’re delighted to share this new initiative from Xero, one of our ...

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