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Crowdfunding 101

Crowdfunding is a new method of raising funds for a project, and it’s gaining huge momentum worldwide.  Crowdfunding operates by many people (the crowd) tipping in small ...

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Funding for University of Auckland Business School Research Finalised

The International Centre for Entrepreneurship Foundation has finalised its funding for the University of Auckland Business School (UABS) to conduct research, staff development ...

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Rebekah Campbell: Sole Founder vs. Co-Founders

Posse is my first tech startup and I'm the sole founder.  I've worked hard to establish the company for more than two years and, as you can probably gauge from my earlier ...

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Women Business Owners Outperforming Men

New Zealand’s female SME operators are outperforming men in several key areas, demonstrating the strength of their contribution to the local economy, a national survey has ...

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Capturing and Commercialising Your IP

Capturing and commercialising your IP can be tricky - but it's very important to do.

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Non-Disclosure Agreements – Getting It Right

You don’t want others swiping your valuable ideas and running with them. But without the right confidentiality agreements in place, that’s exactly what could happen.

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