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Time to get more efficient. Advice for Owner Managers – Updated

The Icehouse published this article in October 2019, after a new report recognised that 40% of an entrepreneur’s time is spent on non-revenue-related activities (WeWork). So ...

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Introducing The Icehouse… Liz Wotherspoon, Head of Growth

In our regular series, we are profiling key members of The Icehouse team, so our wider network of alumni, current programme and workshop participants, partners and friends get ...

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Thank you to our retiring Icehouse directors

In late February 2021 we met up to celebrate the work of the three directors who retired from their Icehouse duties in 2020; namely Chris Quin, Tim Williams and Greg Tomlinson. ...

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What’s your Entrepreneurial Strategy?

The first block of the Owner Manager Programme is all about the ‘State of Play’ of your business. What’s your purpose? How do you manage people and finance? Build a team? And… ...

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Dear Owner, are you forgetting to upskill yourself?

What owner doesn’t want a highly-skilled and highly-motivated team? There’s no doubt CEOs are on to it, and are using professional capability development to upskill their ...

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