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Three ways Budget 2021 can help small business grow

RBP expansion and investment in technology, innovation and export should be at the heart of the 2021 Budget, explains Gavin Lennox, Group CEO at The Icehouse. This article ...

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Welcoming Nicole Buisson to The Icehouse board

Following the recent announcement of Nicole Buissonas a newly-appointed director to The Icehouse board, we caught up with her to discuss the power of collaboration, SME ...

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Did you miss SME? What role for small businesses in the productivity mix?

Gavin Lennox, Group CEO at The Icehouse, reacts to The Productivity Commission’s updated report on frontier firms. This article first appeared on LinkedIn.

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Time to plug the gap in your skills shortage?

Any sudden change in the structure of a domestic or global economy inevitably leads to an uneven shift in job openings across industry and sector. How do you address this if ...

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The Art of Keeping Your Employees: Updated

This is a repost of a previous blog from The Icehouse in 2016. As relevant now as it was then, the points raised address today’s challenges around skills and talent shortages, ...

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Innovation key to New Zealand's economic future

In response to the request for feedback on the Productivity Commission’s draft report New Zealand firms: reaching for the frontier, The Icehouse has provided its thoughts and ...

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Opinion: innovation + exports – the keys to productivity growth

Gavin Lennox, our Group CEO, responds to the Productivity Commission’s recent draft report on 'frontier firms', the top 10% globally competitive companies, and their impact on ...

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