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Restructuring and Redundancy – How to Develop a Proposal for Change

Redundancy is generally considered to be a situation where an employee’s position is surplus to the employer’s commercial needs. Employers must be able to justify redundancies ...

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Culture, Vision and Values: Driving Business

The key to building and maintaining a successful organisation, lies in making sure that everyone in your business understands where you are heading (your vision), how they fit ...

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What I've Learned About Outsourcing

Startups with limited resources may be tempted into outsourcing to cheaper places.  I'm sure you've heard horror stories of entrepreneurs who spent a fortune building an idea ...

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Good Culture & Customer Experience = Profit Guaranteed

I am lucky enough to coach and advise many businesses of all shapes and sizes… The best thing is that I am continually learning also and the best form of learning is observing ...

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How to Hire for Your Startup

I've run a start-up for a couple of years now and ran my own music company for eight years before that.  Anyone who followed our progress would know I've made a few hiring ...

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