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Good Culture & Customer Experience = Profit Guaranteed

I am lucky enough to coach and advise many businesses of all shapes and sizes… The best thing is that I am continually learning also and the best form of learning is observing ...

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What SMEs Should Expect from Business Coaches and Advisors

The Landscape Unfortunately the broad span of business advisory services opens the market to a highly variable range of competencies among the suppliers of advice.  Anyone can ...

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Digital Marketing Strategy Part 5: Test, Measure & Improve

We’re almost at the end of our journey…. I do hope you have used my tools/tips and are well on the way to having a strong digital strategy.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Part 4: Decide on Your Strategy & Tactics

If you've been following this series, you’re now well on your way to developing a digital strategy (Click here to read part 1). You know what you need to achieve…. Now it’s ...

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Digital Marketing Strategy Part 3: Developing Digital Objectives

Let’s not forget that digital marketing is just a series of digital channels that you can use to achieve your marketing objectives, so your digital marketing objectives are ...

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Digital Marketing Strategy Part 2: Analysing Your Current Strategy

Last week we talked about your target audience and understanding them (Read part 1 of our Digital Marketing Strategy Series here) . The next step in developing your digital ...

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Digital Marketing Strategy Part 1: What Is a Good Strategy for My Business?

What is a good digital strategy for my business? Clients often ask me, “What is a good digital strategy for my business?” and the answer I always give is “It depends”.

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Spaceworks: Developing The Design Business

Lizzi Hines is the CEO of Spaceworks, commercial interior design specialists, based in Auckland. For three years, between 2011 and 2014, she completed business coaching with ...

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