The Icehouse Webinars and Podcast - Week of June 1st

Posted by The Icehouse on 29/05/2020 2:54:59 PM

We continue our series of free webinars and our new podcast from leading experts and valued members of The Icehouse delivery team, to help clarify and make sense of some of the most pressing topics that are affecting businesses and business owners during this unprecedented time. 

This week’s webinar is part 3 of 'How to pivot your business; a design thinking guide' with Melissa Wragge in which she will guide you through some the disruptive enablers to thrive, using proven design thinking smarts.

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| How to pivot your business; a design thinking guide with Melissa Wragge (Part 3)

The market has structurally changed; this is no longer about restoring the status quo after lockdown. So how do you respond? How do you survive, revive and thrive. This webinar is the third of a 3-part series in which Melissa will guide you through some the disruptive enablers to thrive, using proven design thinking smarts.

Learn what enablers you need, how to unlock and leverage your value potential strategically, how to scale up and how to create deeper impact for a longer term market play. You’ll get some simple models and thinking frameworks to help you judo chop disruption.

Bio: Melissa has 25 years’ experience leading large scale transformation, from blue-chip corporates, banks and retail giants to SMEs, NGOs and start-ups. Schooled in systems-based design-led thinking in the UK, she has lead transformation programmes - the first half as a capitalist, the second half as a conscious capitalist. Most recognised and awarded for the transformation she took Ecostore through, she’s passionate about sustainability, holistically, and believes in business as a force for good.

Melissa takes Boards and Exec teams through a design-led transformation process to blueprint their future. She runs workshops and offers training and coaching programmes to help leadership teams architect a sustainable business model, from innovating new value propositions to new financial, operating and marketing models. Currently she’s taking The Icehouse through their transformation.

Time: 2 June, Tuesday, 10:00 am

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| WATCH NOW - The Icehouse Podcast

New podcasts from industry leading minds, business extraordinaire, creative thinkers and valued members of The Icehouse delivery team.

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Episode 5: Chris Woods

Associate Professor, Department of Management, and International Business, The University of Auckland Business School Director, Coal Spud Group Life Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge, UK. Kiwi born and bred, Chris’s interest in entrepreneurship and the small to medium business sector was sparked after working in Malawi as a small business advisor. Instead of catching malaria she caught the entrepreneur bug, becoming ‘hooked’ on the passion and energy that entrepreneurs bring to what they do.

She currently teaches Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Maori Entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Business and Economics at The University of Auckland. In 2003, Chris was instrumental, with the PostGraduate Students Association, in establishing Spark* entrepreneurship challenge. She has been involved with The Icehouse business growth programmes since their inception in 2001. Her consultancy work is with SMEs and Family Businesses in strategy development, learning and business growth.

Topics: Business Strategy & Planning, Brand & Marketing, Growth, Melissa Wragge, Chris Woods