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Roofline Canterbury: A Business Plan for Years to Come

Posted by The Icehouse on 4/04/2018 8:43:39 AM

Colin and Kerry Megaw have been directors of Roofline Canterbury for over 14 years, a Canterbury owned and operated roofing and cladding manufacturer.

Planning for the future was something Colin and his team had been thinking about but just hadn’t got around to acting on. However, Colin says they hit a crossroads and “circumstances changed, prompting me to actually do something and start thinking about a real plan.” The Roofline team were referred to The Icehouse Succession and Transition workshop by their BNZ Bank Manager.


Colin says the workshop provided much more than they could imagine. “Our facilitator Evana was so good at bringing up all these little things that I would just never think of. The best thing about the workshop was that it got me thinking and motivated. Evana explained scenarios in examples or analogies, and made outcomes easy to relate to. The way she talks and explains things, it’s as if she’s been in business for hundreds of years.”

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Colin and the Roofline team now have a definitive plan they’re working towards - a direction for the future. “It’s going to take another 12 months to get to where we want to be, but the workshop definitely helped define our direction, and got work underway.”

A message to those thinking about the next step of their business? “Definitely give it a go. It’s not  just good for yourself but it’s also good for the business.”

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Topics: Case Studies, Business Succession

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