Reihana Manaena: Achieving Laser Electrical Napier's goals with The Icehouse

Posted by The Icehouse on 9/11/2016 3:07:04 PM

Reihana Manaena, manager of Laser Electrical Napier, recently followed in his father's footsteps and completed the Owner Operator Programme.


Reihana Manaena, second from left.

We reached out to Reihana to see how he and his business are going after completing the Owner Manager Programme.

What was happening in your business that made you decide to take on the Owner Operator Programme?

In September 2014 we were approaching a significantly busy time of the year, Dad(Paul) was completing his 2nd year of the Owner Operator Programme and I was asking a lot of questions about “Why” we were making changes and what these financial goals and KPI’s were all about.


What have been some of the key results you’ve experienced at the hands of the programme?

We have experienced great results for the 3 years we have been working with The Icehouse. We regularly set goals and actions, and KPI’s are updated weekly around turnover, quoting pipeline and nett profit %. Most significantly, we have increased our turnover by 300%.


How do you think you’ve developed personally from the Owner Operator Programme?

The programme has allowed me to build confidence in myself to perform better for the people around me. This starts with my family, being the best Father I can, and having a good work-life balance is always in progress. Overall, the programme has developed skills and given me tools to use as required.


Your father Paul was on the Owner Operator Programme back in 2013, and is now doing business coaching with Michaela Vodanovich. In what ways has being involved with The Icehouse benefited the both of you working together in the same business?

I have always had a good relationship with Dad as my Father, friend and boss. It has been difficult to draw the lines between the different roles and being able to think on the same page, or understanding how to articulate our plan together without crossing over in our work roles. As now the Electrical Manager it has been a gradual progression but working with The Icehouse has helped us both to achieve our personal and business goals quicker, being focused on our company vision, and at the same time, running an efficient company.


How impactful has The Icehouse been at taking your business to the frontline of the electrical industry?

The Icehouse has helped Laser Electrical Napier to create a positive industry presence, by improving the way we operate and quickly increasing our market share. We think the impact has been significant from the feedback we receive regularly by friends, customers and even our competitors.


What would be your advice to other business owners?

I have received a lot of advice in my life, but where I gain the most value for my time is asking questions and listening to people who are successful.

Some of the advice I have been given is, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Get clear about what is significant in your businesses and focus your energy on these things, eg customer experience, staff experience, sales pipeline, efficiencies etc.

Also another good one that I use regularly is, “We were born with 2 ears and 1 mouth, God has given us a hint, to talk half as much as we listen.” Often we are the opposite.


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