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Programming in a nationwide recovery

Posted by Ben Whittacker-Cook on 23/06/2020 12:15:00 PM

The Icehouse is proud to be the first organisation to bring business events back to Queenstown post-lock-down with our 14th Owner Manager Exchange Programme. As we start the recovery process as a country, it's important to be positive and proactive, and The Icehouse will be there, guiding New Zealand businesses into the future.

icehouse omx queenstown

Here’s a snapshot of the media coverage we received over the past few days as a result of hosting the first post-lockdown conference in the region.

‘Nearly 30 business owners from throughout the country attended the two-day conference at the Crowne Plaza Queenstown hotel,’ reported the NZ Herald.

‘It was organised by The Icehouse, a non-profit trust set up by the University of Auckland Business School that works with businesses to help them grow.

‘The Icehouse facilitator Darl Kolb said all the businesses had an annual turnover of at least $3 million and represented a spectrum of the economy, including forestry, wine, real estate and information technology. “It's one of the best unknown business networks in New Zealand. Doing it face to face in a wonderful setting like this is a great treat,” said Kolb.’

| Business owners with a 3m turnover 

‘Crowne Plaza Queenstown general manager Stewart Manson said the hotel had opened especially for the conference,’ added Stuff

‘Conference facilitator Auckland University professor Darl Kolb​ said the Icehouse group had regular conferences in Queenstown.

‘Members, who were business owners with a turnover of more than $3m, including a forestry contractor, wine industry operators, real estate agents and the owner of an IT recruitment firm, were pleased to be back in Queenstown.’

| New Zealand ready for business 

‘Queenstown's well known as a tourist hotspot, but it's not the only sector that keeps the area afloat, conferences and business events inject millions of dollars into the local economy every year,’ explained 1 News.

‘For event facilitator Darl Kolb, there's "nothing like a face to face environment" like business events to get things up and running.

‘Queenstown's conference calendar is filling up, with an event today the first of many helping kickstart the district's economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic. “Checking in yesterday afternoon, the people at the front desk were so excited to see us, they said you are the first people back in three months,” said attendee Jacob Kajavala.

| Domestic business boost

‘“Obviously Queenstown is known for our leisure visitors but to have a busy event like this so soon after going to level one is just an amazing opportunity,” said Destination Queenstown CEO Ann Lockhart.

'Conferences in the district brought in around $50 million in the last financial year and it's hoped they'll plug the hole left by a lack of international tourists.

‘“We've worked in international markets and obviously working very strongly on the domestic market something like approximately 20 leads just in the last few weeks,” says Ms Lockhart.

The Owner Manager Exchange (OMX) is for graduates of The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme and Agribusiness Programme who want to reflect on their growth journey and refresh their thinking.  

Read on for more information about OMX and how it can help you and your business. 

Visit our dedicated resource for impacted businesses. It’s full of useful information and resources, support and offerings, funding opportunities and partnership and coaching details. 
For more business and leadership advice, check out more of our blogs.

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