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David Irving Speaks of The Icehouse

Posted by The Icehouse on 20/12/2013 2:37:51 PM

David Irving recently spoke at the Hawkes Bay Premier Business Event on the 9th of December and shared his thoughts on The Icehouse and who we are.

David covered how the idea to help SME's throughout New Zealand came about by the recognition of concerns constantly on the minds of owner managers such as balanced lifestyle, lack of confidence and uncertainty of growth. He covers the needs and problem areas that the Icehouse has managed to address and provide a service that help businesses to recognise what they don't know and how to get through this. David mentions how the Icehouse manages to solve these problems and provide the right answer for owner managers through proven learning techniques and close relationships etc.

David delivers the speech in a eloquent and entertaining style with mentions of various comparative stories. This speech is captivating, interesting and a must see for those out there interested in the Icehouse or interested in the needs and solutions of owner managers.

The speech gained coverage int he Hawkes Bay Today and we couldn't be prouder



Check out the article here.

Topics: News & Events

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