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Cyckit Producing Cycle Storage Products for Elite Road Cyclists

Posted by The Icehouse on 3/04/2014 8:59:29 AM

Cyckit, a New Zealand based company specialising in designing and producing integrated cycle storage products, has reinvented the saddle bag and claims to have finally “put to bed the ‘style absent’ zip up under seat hanging canvas bags”, says owners Pat Reardon and Mike Talbot.

The company was born from the mutual opinion of the two that traditional cycle canvas bags on the market were unattractive, noisy, cumbersome, clumsy to put on and not waterproof. With this thinking, they decided it was time for a redesign.


In Pats words “the old canvas bags looked like a suitcase strapped to the boot of a Ferrari. They just killed the aerodynamics and look of a road cycle or any cycle for that matter. So we set about changing that”.

Pat and Mike wanted to design something that not only looked as though it belonged on the cycle but was in fact integrated into the sleek aerodynamic lines of the bike.

Pat reiterates “we didn’t want something that hung, moved about or interfered with the riders body in anyway and it was imperative the design functioned as good as it looked”.

Reardon, a concept designer, graphic artist, illustrator and custom paint artist/detailer, working in conjunction with a product designer/toolmaker described the birth of Cyckit as similar to many other innovations; “the Cyckit story started like many others – an idea, a gap in the market, a vision sketched out on paper and then brought to life by many hours developing prototypes by hand in a garage”.

After developing a workable universal prototype to fit most road cycle seats, Pat and Mike then embarked on extensive market validation. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. A product development plan was then conceived with local Auckland business incubator ‘The Icehouse’ and it was inspired by the interest from cyclists and cycle stores alike. It was then time to bring this completely unique product to the market and so Cyckit’s first product - the ‘Aeroclam’ – was created.

The Icehouse CEO, Andy Hamilton, says “this product is exactly what our business is set up to do; take fantastic ideas from talented entrepreneurs and give them the structure and governance to move from the idea stage into production and beyond. The Cyckit guys are onto a winner here and we are right behind them”.

There has been a lot of hard work going on to produce the first product. Every millimetre of the ‘Aeroclam’ has been thought out, tested, then rethought and modified, sometimes a number of times. The end result clearly sets them apart from their competitors and will deliver riders out there with a great experience.

Together with Pat and Mike, there is a great team of cycling fanatics working with the business. After ensuring there is an Aeroclam model to fit all major seat brands, Cyckit intends to establish its presence in the market with more uniquely stylish “on bike” integrated storage accessories.

Mike says “these products are currently in design phase and Pat is in his workshop now designing and fabricating so watch this space!”

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