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Creating New Possibilities

Posted by Ben Whittacker-Cook on 24/06/2020 12:15:00 PM

Our latest motivational blog is by Jann Meehan. Jann is a success coach and business coach with The Icehouse. She is also a life coach, accountant and mentor whose areas of expertise include people management, personal effectiveness, financial analysis and reporting and strategic planning. This article previously appeared on Jann’s website

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“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” Mandy Hale 

Hello Motivated people, how are you? Great to be with you again, giving you hope, motivation and inspiration for your week ahead. I hope you enjoyed last week’s Motivator about changing your daily habits and got started with the worksheet. Changing one small thing can lead to big transformations over time. 

When I was thinking about this week’s Motivator, I was thinking quite negatively, believe it or not! I kept thinking, everyone is struggling right now. There is a lot of anxiety and worry about the future, particularly for my business clients. I know as a business owner myself, I am conscious of all the predictions of doom and gloom that we are being bombarded with now, and it’s so easy to buy into that. So, when I came across our quote, it gave me great hope. “When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” I think that is a brilliant way of looking at this situation we are in. 

| Michael Hill’s story 

I remember years ago, reading the story of Michael Hill. Before he set up his global jewellery empire, he was working for his Uncle in his jewellery shop. He had no ambitions, he wasn’t motivated to do anything else, he was just cruising along, not reaching his potential, but not bothered about that. Then he lost his house in a fire, along with everything he owned.

When he lost all of that, he knew he couldn’t lose anymore and that gave him the impetus to start up his own business, with which he was hugely successful. If he hadn’t lost everything, would he have even attempted to set up on his own? It was the kick up the butt he needed, maybe this Covid-19 situation is a kick up the butt for us. 

| Limiting ourselves  

We limit ourselves without even realising we do that. I have spoken before about our own quest with our bakery business to make $1m in revenue. It was something that we told ourselves was beyond our capabilities, and while we thought that, it most certainly was. It was after we had achieved it, I realised why it took us so long. We didn’t have the belief. We were thinking too small. We didn’t think we deserved it. There were so many limiting thoughts going on, most that we weren’t even aware of. 

| What is stopping you?

Becoming aware of the things that can stop us, is crucial to breaking through our barriers. I have lots of planning templates that I use with clients, where they set their mission/theme for the year, along with their goals and actions to take to achieve the goals. I always include the questions, what could stop you? What can you do about that? Those two questions alone, can turn around your business and help you achieve your goals. 

So think about that now, what is stopping you? The awesome thing is you probably already know. Deep down, you have the answer in your heart, so be honest and let it come through. Write it down. 

| How would it be without being stopped? 

Now let yourself imagine that you are not stopped by this. What would your life be like. Take a few minutes to write that down. How would your life be without this stopping you? What would you be doing, who would you be with, how would you feel? Write down all the awesome things you could be/do/have without being stopped. 

| What can you do about being stopped?  

Lastly, what could you do about the thing that is stopping you? What small action could you take that is going to lessen or eliminate the stop? Write that down and then start practising that this week. This powerful exercise is going to get you on track to creating and making the impossible, possible.

The thing is the economy will do what the economy does, it is totally out of our control. What is in our control is how we feel, how we react, how we manage and the decisions that we make for our future success. If we feel that it’s too hard, then that’s what it will be. We need to look for the opportunities, keeping an open and abundant mindset will help us do this.  

The exercise outlined above can start you on the journey of creating the life and business that you have always wanted, but told yourself you couldn’t have. Get started this week, do it now and let me know what you’ve done.  
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