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Build a free customised digital action plan with ATEED

Posted by Ben Whittacker-Cook on 23/04/2020 11:30:00 AM

Highlighting a new and free digital initiative specifically for Auckland businesses made available by Auckland’s economic development agency, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), in partnership with social enterprise Digital Journey.   

ATEED digital assessment
The full version of this article first appeared on the ATEED website.

Keen to access a free tool that will help you build a customised digital action plan?  Find out about digital technology that can help your business right now. Get information and tools to help use cloud-based software for remote working and e-commerce, boost your online presence, and make it easier for customers to find you.

Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses that use little digital technology, it enables them to do an online assessment and get a free customised digital action plan focusing on their website, online marketing and/or digital business tools.

ATEED General Manager Economic Development Pam Ford says while the digital assessment project predates COVID-19 and its impacts, it took on greater significance and urgency in the face of current events.

‘We know from recent surveys that businesses understand they need to use online or digital ways of connecting and running their operation. They need information now about digital business tools and digital marketing.’

Digital technology can help your business be more resilient - find out how your online presence stacks up and how you can do things better.

Digital technology is changing the way we do business and how we connect with our customers, suppliers and employees. Adopting new technologies and optimising your online presence can help streamline many areas of your business.

Mayor Phil Goff says 88% of Auckland businesses have fewer than six employees and 98% fewer than 50, so it is vital to provide the region’s small to medium-sized enterprises with practical support they can put into action immediately in response to the COVID-19 lockdown.

‘Our small to medium enterprises are a key part of the region’s economy and employment,” he says.

‘This online tool will provide practical assistance to businesses looking to adapt to the new realities of working under the COVID-19 alert system, which in many cases will require rapid adoption of digital and online technologies.

‘It will help businesses adjust to working remotely, improve their websites and online offerings, and develop web-based marketing and communications tools, among other forms of support.’

To guide you through key areas that digital technology could help your business right now, you can complete the free online assessment to access knowledge and tools to: 

  • Strength your online presence 
  • Enable remote working and ecommerce 
  • Identify social and digital marketing opportunities 
  • Streamline business systems and data accessibility with cloud computing 

Head to the ATEED website for your free customised digital action plan.

If you’re struggling and looking for assistance, The Icehouse would like to help. Check out our dedicated resource for businesses impacted by COVID-19. It’s full of useful information and resources, support and offerings, funding opportunities and partnership and coaching details.

For more business ownership and leadership advice and the latest discussion around COVID-19, check out more of our blogs.  

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