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Business Succession – Why Is It So Common to Do Nothing About Something That Is So Important?

One thing is certain one day every owner will leave their business.  The question is will this be by default or by design.  Most business owners find themselves too absorbed in ...

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What Is Sustainable Growth and What Does That Look Like for Your Business?

Growth matters but growth by itself isn’t the answer.  A business can fail to reach its full potential by growing too fast and too slow. Growth should be deliberate and ...

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Leaders: Are They Born or Made?

Let’s start with the age old question: are leaders born or made?   I take the view that it is absolutely possible to develop strong leadership qualities. Leadership is a ...

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Setting Up Career Paths for Your Team

"I'm struggling to set up career paths for my teams while trying to put in controls and metrics to run everything profitably, while also trying to manage a fast-growing ...

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Business Growth Really Does Matter

In business there is no such thing as standing still.  So if you are not growing, you are in fact going backwards.  But if growth matters, how you grow really matters.  In the ...

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