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5 Ways to Prepare for the Cost of Raising Capital for Business

If only securing finance was as easy as a handshake or a verbal agreement. The cost of raising capital can be in the tens of thousands (depending on the size of your business ...

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Raising Equity: 10 Questions to Determine the Financial Health of your Business

Before you consider raising equity, it’s important to get your finances in order. Here are ten questions to ask yourself to help determine the financial health of your business.

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Raising Equity: Business Valuations and Calculating ROI for Potential Investors

If someone asked you how much your business is worth - and they will if you're trying to raise equity - could you provide a confident answer? Determining the value of a ...

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How Different Pricing Strategies Can Impact Your Business

Choosing to discount, lower or raise prices is going to create a ripple effect that will impact other areas of your business. But how and to what extent?

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What Does a Strong Balance Sheet Look Like and Why Is It Important?

Businesses with strong balance sheets are more likely to survive economic downturns and be ready to thrive when the going gets good again. So what does a strong balance sheet ...

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What Is a ‘Break-Even Analysis’ (and How to Complete One)

Managing profit and loss is all about managing the relationship between costs, volume and pricing. Break-even is a tool that can help business owners and managers gauge the ...

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