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Reporting on Your IP Status: A How-To Guide

Let’s set the scene: You’re the innovation manager for your company or you’re an entrepreneur. You’ve heavily invested both time and money into securing your intellectual ...

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Capitalising on the Intellectual Property in Your Business

An IP strategy allows you to understand, manage and capitalise on the IP in your business. It can also help you win more market share, secure higher prices or ensure lower ...

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Reasons to Consider Filing a Patent When You Don’t Have a Crystal Ball

I often get asked if it is worth filing a patent for a new innovation. The answer to that is 'it depends'. It largely depends on your business strategy. In many instances it's ...

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AJ Park: I’ve Invented Something. Should I Try and Patent It?

We are often asked about the value of patent protection.

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AJ Park: Freedom to Patent Does Not Mean Freedom to Operate

I've been to a few investment events recently where the elevator pitch touches on the company's intellectual property (IP) position. The typical approach in the IP section of ...

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