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Insights Shared With 1,000+ NZ Business Owners

Posted by The Icehouse on 16/05/2018 1:05:01 PM

Over 1,000 New Zealand business owners and leaders have completed The Icehouse Persona Quiz to see what kind of NZ bird business owner ‘persona’ they are.

Not traditionally known as a group likely to take time for self-reflection, or want to talk about personal growth, this is an extraordinary indication for the New Zealand business community. At The Icehouse we know that the kind of person you are, and the strengths and weaknesses that you bring can have an impact on your business bottom line. Living and breathing business ownership usually means more than just putting in the hours. It means sacrifices to family life, it means shouldering the pressure of looking after employees and the families that depend on them. It means marketing yourself as well as your services, and being prepared to ‘put yourself out there’.

The Persona Quiz is a tool The Icehouse has developed for business owners to carry out some important personal self-reflection. “Many personality assessments are just for fun and they won’t change your life but they are an opportunity to better understand the type of person you are and why you may handle situations the way that you do.  And no matter where you are on your life and business journey, there’s no harm in getting to know yourself a little better,” says Liz Wotherspoon, Head of Growth at The Icehouse.

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One of the biggest learnings, or ‘ah-ha’ moments business owners take away from The Icehouse Owner Manager Programme, is how to build, and maintain mental resilience in an environment that can often be lonely. Even for owners who have a spouse working with them in the business, decisions need to be made, and directions finalized often in isolation. “Is this the right call?” “Can we handle the consequences if this isn’t the right decision for the business”. “Should we take this opportunity?” They’re questions that many business owners have to, or try to, make on their own.

So, knowing that business owners in New Zealand are becoming more aware of their personal strengths and weaknesses by using tools like the Persona quiz is incredibly encouraging. “Short and sharp quizzes like our Persona Quiz can be thought-provoking, insightful and even a bit amusing.  But the heightened awareness that comes from doing this creates an incredible opportunity to better understand why some things come easily to you and some things are tougher and how you can best tackle both your challenges and your opportunities.  It can also help you better understand other people and how you can be most effective in your dealings with them,” says Liz, who herself is a Confident Kea.

Knowing how to play to your strengths (Confident Keas have an abundance of ambition, and don’t struggle to reach to the next level, Capable Kiwis know how to build a great team, and surround themselves with capable, committed people) can be the fairy dust your business needs to move from ok to good, good to great or great to exceptional.

On the flipside, not correctly identifying or addressing your weaknesses can expose your business to potentially dire consequences. High flying leaders are that are great at looking at the next big picture can easily bypass mundane tasks like establishing employment contracts, or securing the correct insurance. Passionate Penguins for example have usually been in their industry a long time, and have done well – so are less likely to ask for help when they do struggle. Tenacious Tuis as the leader of a chorus can struggle to work on their own, and find business ownership lonely if they aren’t surrounded by the right team. And we know it’s easy to lose passion and drive if you’re not getting the support you need.

Yes, the Persona Quiz is fun, friendly and likens New Zealand business owners to feathered fowl, but if SME owners in New Zealand can learn more about the assets that already lie within themselves and their teams, they can only improve. Nice one New Zealand.

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